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Podcast: What should Spartanburg learn from Chattanooga?

Wednesday, July 27

Discussing the Spartanburg Chamber's recent trip to Chattanooga with Board Chair Todd Horne


A few months ago, the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce released a community assessment report detailing the challenges and opportunities Spartanburg faces as our community evolves with the changing global economy. Underpinning that 48-page document, was a comparison between Spartanburg and several "peer communities." Among those is Chattanooga TN, a city that has become a poster-child for growth and smart development in our region.


On the heels of the report, the Chamber organized a field trip to Chattanooga, inviting City and County leaders to join. Today on the podcast, we're talking with Spartanburg Chamber Board Chair Todd Horne about what Spartanburg can learn from Chattanooga...and maybe a little about what Chattanooga can learn from Spartanburg too. listen below and enjoy.


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