Hott Gritz

Live @ Music on Main, Thursday July 28 at 5:30 p.m.

Hott Gritz bio

Based out of Spartanburg, SC Hott Gritz is an eleven piece musical powerhouse comprised of three different entities: Hott Music: - five piece rhythm section, Hott Hornz: a two piece horn section, and Hott Vocalz: four very distinct but equally powerful lead vocalists. Hott Gritz takes you on a musical ride from yesterday’s favorite crowd-pleasers to today’s biggest radio hits.

This versatile and unique blend of musicians and singers cater to all crowds and specializes in weddings, corporate events, parties, festivals and any other type of occasion. Hott Gritz does it all, allowing you to experience relaxtion & enjoyment during your event. Whether you’re looking for soft background music or a propelling beat to keep the dance floor moving Hott Gritz has it all. A professional crew making it a priority to be prompt, versatile, and most importantly entertaining. So if you looking for entertainment that not only sounds good and looks good Hott Gritz is sure to be the group to have at your event everyone feel good.