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Learn more about improvement projects either underway, upcoming, or recently completed in the City:

East Main Streetscape Improvements

Start Date: Late May/Early June 2015

Estimated Completion: July 2015

Cost: $115,000

Description: The chicanes, or curves, in the block of East Main Street between Liberty and Church streets will be removed, and the angled parking on that block will be replaced with parallel parking on both sides of the street, resulting in a gain of approximately eight on-street spaces. The street trees currently planted in the sidewalk will be removed and new trees will be planted in the roadway, resulting in a more consistent pedestrian experience and more space for sidewalk seating for businesses. Lighting will be improved with LED bulbs.

Contact: Tim Carter (864) 596-2838

Recently completed

Hillbrook Drive Culvert Improvement Project

Completion: December 2013

Cost: $171,400

Description: Project replaced 212 feet of obsolete corrugated metal with reinforced concrete pipe.

Contact: Jay Squires (864) 596-2089


Fairforest Road Bridge

Completion Date: December 2013

Cost: $400,000

ContactTim Carter (864) 596-2838 


Brawley Street Improvements

Completion: January 2014

Cost: $400,000

Description: Installation of new curb, gutter and sidewalk

ContactTim Carter (864) 596-2838


Brandywine Lane Culvert Replacement

Completion: November 2013

Cost: $65,000

Description: Replacement of approximately 200 lineal feet of corrugated metal pipe in two locations on Brandywine Lane in the Camelot neighborhood. The corrugated metal pipe has deteriorated to the point where the pipe is unsound and is causing settling of the roadway.

ContactJay Squires (864) 596-2089


Cart Drive Bridge Replacement

Completion: May 2014

Estimated Cost: $430,000

Description: After the old wooden pilings and concrete abutments detiorated, the project addressed the structural integrity of the bridge. The bridge was replaced with a precast "Con Span" style culvert system and associated storm drainage connections. The bridge spans Halfway Branch Creek, which drains areas reaching to just north of Highway 29 (East Main Street). The creek flows in a southerly direction and is a major tributary to Lawson's Fork Creek and is vital to the functionality of the drainage basin. Cart Drive is a critical connector route from Fernwood-Glendale Road to Webber Road.

ContactJay Squires (864) 596-2089 


Farley Avenue Culvert Replacement

Start Date: December 2013

Estimated Completion: February 2014

Estimated Cost: $400,000

Description: Project would replace two segments of rock-and-concrete culvert running under Farley Avenue. These two segments of stormwater infrastructure are more than 80 years old and are vital to the economy and safety of the Northside community.

ContactJay Squires (864) 596-2089 


Cameron Drive Culvert Replacement

Start Date: June 2014

Estimated Completion: August 2015

Estimated Cost: $220,000

Description: Replacement of approximately 130 feet of 36" concrete pipe with reinforced concrete pipe. The concrete pipe under Cameron Drive has developed cracking and poses a serious threat to the structural integrity of the drainage system. Cameron Drive is a vital artery that connects East Main Street with South Pine Street.

ContactJay Squires (864) 596-2089  

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