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Citizens Serving Our Community

Citizen engagement and input are essential parts of how the City of Spartanburg governs, and one of the most overlooked ways a civic-minded local resident can choose to get involved in shaping the future of our city is by serving on one of our Boards and Committees.

Members of the City's boards and committees advise and make recommendations to the City’s management team, the Mayor, and City Council on a variety of programs and issues. All board and committee seats are filled by local residents and are appointed by City Council. Information about what each board or committee does and requirements to serve is listed below. For information about vacancies, contact City Clerk Connie McIntyre.


Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee

Term: 4 years

Purpose:  To make recommendations on the expenditure or revenues generated from the Accommodations Tax. A majority of the members must be selected from the hospitality industry. Two-(2) of these members must be from the lodging industry. One-(1) member shall represent the cultural organizations of the City.

Meetings: On call as required           

Compensation: none

Contact: Kathy Hill, Community Services Coordinator – 596-2905


Airport Advisory Committee

Term: 3 years

Purpose: The Airport Advisory Committee provides advice to the City Airport Director, City Manager and City Council on issues affecting the Airport.

Membership: A five (5) member board with each serving a three (3) year term.

Meetings: as called                           

Compensation: none

Contact: Darwin Simpson, Airport Director – 574-8552


Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission

Term: 5 years

Purpose:  Established by City Council & County Council to serve as Approval Board for all activities of the Commission.  Participates in planning procedures by giving advice from professional, administrative & financial experience.

Membership:  Ten (10) members - City Council appoints five (5) members & County Council appoints five (5) members. (5 year term) City Council appointed members.
Meetings:  Third Monday, every other month.            

Compensation: None

Contact: Mardy Wall, SADAC – 582-7588


Board of Architectural Design and Historic Review

Term: 3 years with no member serving more than two-(2) consecutive terms. Former members may be reappointed after the expiration of two-(2) years. Members must be residents of the City of Spartanburg.

Purpose:  The Board is responsible for administering and enforcing the provisions of the Architectural Design & Historic Review Ordinance of the City of Spartanburg dated March 6, 1995

Membership: This is a nine-(9) member board comprised of persons who have demonstrated civic interest and have general knowledge of and interest in history and historic preservation. At least four-(4) members shall be citizens who are knowledgeable in one of the following disciplines: archeology, architecture, landscape architecture, American history, urban planning, engineering, environmental science, law, banking or real estate. A historian and professional architect will serve at all times. None of the voting members may hold any other public office or position in the City. Members must be residents of the City of Spartanburg.

Meetings: If business is received, the Board meets the second Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 145 West Broad Street         

Compensation: None

Contact:  Josh Henderson, Planner – 596-2069


Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

Term: 3 years

Purpose: The City Council shall appoint as members of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee seven (7) persons who should be a resident or have a significant business interest in the City of Spartanburg. The majority of the members of the committee shall have knowledge of urban planning, trails and greenways, active living, exercise science, or other comparable skill sets as determined by Council to be appropriate.

Duties of the committee would include: (a) Conducting quarterly meetings with senior city staff; (b) assisting City in developing a process for prioritization of bicycle/pedestrian projects that are financially feasible, enjoy broad based support, and which recognize the necessity to partner with organizations such as SPATS, SCDOT, private foundations, schools, and local businesses; (c) Review and assess planned public improvement projects and provide recommendations to incorporate bicycle and pedestrian features where feasible; (d) Assist the City in marketing and promotion of existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure; (e) Assist the City in organizing events to promote bicycle and pedestrian activity; (f) Assist the City in recognizing local businesses that incorporate bicycle and/or pedestrian infrastructure or activities into their projects or programs; (g) Provide recommendations to City on opportunities to leverage and connect new development projects via bicycle and/or pedestrian projects; (h) Pedestrian improvements; (i) Make an annual report to City Council on bike/ped activities, recognition; (j) Assist the City in developing and measuring benchmarks for bicycling and walking in the City; (k) Review and comment on changes to zoning, development code, comprehensive plan, and other long-term planning and policy documents as they relate to bicycle and pedestrian activity and safety including any updates to the Spartanburg County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Meetings: Every other month. Dates vary.                 

Compensation: None

Contact: Ned Barrett, Trails Coordinator, Partners for Active Living (598-9638) The City of Spartanburg has a partnership with PAL (a local non-profit organization) to provide staff support for this committee.


Civil Service Commission

Term: 6 years

Purpose:  The Commission holds Civil Service exams for Public Safety employment, all exams for promotions, and holds hearings on appeals from disciplinary action.

Membership: A three (3) member board with one (1) alternate. The number of members and term is regulated by State Code. Members must be residents of the City of Spartanburg.

Meetings: On-call as required                      

Compensation: $462.60

Contact: Michelle Clyburn, Human Resources Director – 596-2795


Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals

Term: 3 years

Purpose:  To hear appeals from decisions of the Building Inspections Department and the Fire Division of the City of Spartanburg. The Board shall be comprised of individuals with knowledge and experience in the technical codes such as design professionals, contractors or building industry representatives. Two such board members should consist of one member at large from the building industry and one member at large from the public.

Meetings:  On-call as requested.                       

Compensation: None

Contact:  Buddy Bush, Building Inspector – 596-2111

Design Review Board

Term: 3 years. No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

Purpose: a) to make advisory opinions to the Planning Director (if requested) on all projects proposed for construction or alteration under the purview of this Code; b) to make final determinations on the compliance of all new construction applications in DT-6, along those frontages designated as Required Shopfront (Section 4.2), and for all lots 2 acres or greater; c) Design Review shall not be required for the following: 1) Interior alterations and changes in use; 2) Exterior alterations in the first or second layer that are considered maintenance or minor in nature and are otherwise compliant with this Code; 3) Exterior alterations not visible from the right-of-way; 4) Accessory structures in the third layer; 5) Expansions or alterations to parking in the third layer; 6) signs in accordance with this Code.

Membership: A five (5) member Board, which members should be a resident of the City of Spartanburg or have a significant business interest in the City of Spartanburg. The majority of the members of this board shall have an expertise in building design and construction (e.g. architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, construction).

Meetings: 1st Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. Special called meetings as needed.

Compensation:  none

Contact: Joshua Henderson, Planner – 596-2069


Housing Authority                                                                                                                                         

Term:  5 years                                                                                                                                      

Purpose:  To operate the City Housing Authority, including but not limited to the making of rules, regulations, filing applications for and constructing facilities as approved by City Council in accordance with State Law.                                                                                                                                    

Membership:  A seven (7) member board with each serving a five (5) year term. Four (4) members shall be residents of the City of Spartanburg with one of these members being a tenant in a residence owned by the Authority. The other three (3) members are not required to be residents of the City of Spartanburg, but if possible, should represent a major Spartanburg County employer, a higher education facility and a foundation interested in the goals of the Spartanburg Housing Authority.                                         

Meetings:  Third Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.                          

Compensation:  None                   

Contact:  Ed Memmott, City Manager – 596-2026


Housing Board of Adjustment and Appeals

Term: 3 years

Purpose:  To hear appeals from decisions of the Code Enforcement division of the Community Services Department regarding housing code and nuisance ordinance violations.

Membership:  A five (5) member board appointed by City Council.

Meetings:  On call as needed                        

Compensation:  None

Contact:  Mitch Kennedy, Community Services Director – 596-2785

Planning Commission

Term:  4 years

Purpose:  Reviews rezoning petitions, subdivision plats and text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance. The commission also prepares and updates the Comprehensive Plan of the City.

Membership:  A seven (7) member board. Members must be residents of the City of Spartanburg.

Meetings:  Third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.                

Compensation:  None

Contact:  Josh Henderson, Planner – 596-2069


Public Safety Committee

Term:  3 years

Purpose: To assist in development, promote, and support the programs and efforts of the Public Safety Department of the City of Spartanburg.

Membership: Twelve (12) members who must be residents of the City.

Meetings: First Monday of the month from September to May, as well as special meetings.

Compensation: None

Contact: Deputy Chief Jennifer Kindall, Public Safety – 596-2820


Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium Commission

Term:  4 years

Purpose: Act 196 SC General Assembly 1995-96

Membership: Two (2) members appointed by City Council            

Compensation: None

Contact: Mayor Junie White – 596-2019


Storm Water Appeals Board

Term: 3 years

Purpose: The Storm Water Appeal Board shall hear and determine appeals (to a “stop work order” or permit revocation for particular projects) in a quasi-judicial capacity within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the City Engineer’s notice or such other times as may be mutually agreed upon and will render a decision within ten (10) working days after the appeal has been heard.

Membership: Five (5) members who must be residents of the City of Spartanburg. 

Compensation: None

Contact: Jay Squires, Storm Water Manager – 596-2089


Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals

Term:  3 years

Purpose:  Provides a forum for appeal for any persons that are aggrieved by the zoning administrator or are seeking a variance of special exception to the requirements of the zoning ordinance.

Membership: Seven (7) member board. Members must be a resident of the City of Spartanburg.

Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month at 5:15 p.m. in City Council Chambers, unless there is no business.                         

Compensation:  None

City Staff contact:  Josh Henderson, Planner – 596-2069

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